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Reconstructive Surgery


Excellent professional! I did rhinoplasty and breast augmentation 4 weeks ago and it was a dream come true, it was exactly as I always wanted! I had no pain and my recovery was very smooth. Dr. Douglas and his team are a top 10!

C. F. R., 19 years old

I had my surgery three weeks ago. I had no pain, discomfort, but very little. I recommend. Dr Douglas is very special, great professional. Not to mention your team. I was very well attended. The anesthesiologist is too much, he is calm. Fatima very attentive. I did abdominoplasty and lipo. Super recommend

I.G., 53 years old

I highly recommend a great, very attentive doctor…. Perfect job a dream come true….

M.P.L., 28 years old

I loved the service and the surgery was smooth. Super indication. Excellent professional!

W.S.V., 48 years old

I did the procedure 19 days ago and I am delighted with the result and the care provided by the Clinic and Dr. Douglas! He is extremely perfectionist, attentive and professional! I recommend it to everyone!

C.R., 42 years old

I did my procedure with Dr. Douglas a month ago, I am great and very satisfied, in addition to being a great doctor, an exemplary professional grade 10 !!!! I recommend with my eyes closed.

A.R.S.B., 30 years old

I did two procedures with Dr. Douglas recently. Optimal result. Excellent service, with ethics and competence. I recommend without a doubt !! Thank you Dr. Douglas, thank you Fatima for your affection and great service.

Z.B., 48 years old

I did bariatric surgery three years ago, I looked for Dr. Douglas for indication after the loss of almost 60kg. I operated on March 21 and I would not have imagined this result even in my best dreams. An excellent professional, extremely detailed. An incredible human being. Suuuuper recommend! I thank God every day for crossing my path

V.K.L., 30 years old

I had surgery in February last year, and the result couldn't be better! Dr. Douglas is extremely ethical, meticulous and detailed, the healing was great! Recommend with eyes closed!

J.L.G., 36 years old

On December 7th I did a mini abdominoplasty and liposuction, he is a doctor and a wonderful, caring human being, all the best. The result has already started to appear and is getting too good. I recommend this great professional.

A.E.S.S., 42 years old

Thank you so much for all the care and attention! Now I am someone else thanks to this wonderful work. God bless you.

J.A.S., 37 years old

I went by the recommendation of a friend. Great service and the surgery was perfect! I have no words to thank you!

A.C.K., 24 years old

Always very well attended. Dr. Douglas is a loving person and I am very happy with my result. I highly recommend it, note 10!

M.L.G., 48 years old