Breast Augmentation is a procedure that enlarges breast size. It can be performed via three access routes: inframammary (the most common), periareolar (around the areola) and axillary (the armpit). The silicone implant can be positioned in the subglandular plane (below the mammary gland) or submuscular plane (below the pectoral muscle). The submuscular position is in the majority of cases obtained by the Dual-Plane technique, where a superior portion of the implant is below the muscles and an inferior portion below the gland. There are other approaches, such as the total submuscular approach (usually used in breast reconstruction) or the Muscle-split.

Today´s silicone implants are the fifth generation in terms of technological evolution and are very safe. They contain a cohesive and viscous gel with a thick coating that is resistant to rupture. There are essentially three types: round, anatomic and conical. They are made with 4 different degrees of projection: low, moderate, high and extra-high. There are three types of surface: textured (the most common), polyurethane and smooth.



Local with Sedation or General.


Surgery Time



Mild pain. Support bra for 2 months.


7 days. Discrete scars.


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