With age, breast tissue becomes less firm and breasts become droppier. This process is even more evident in patients with previous pregnancies or who have lost significant amount of weight.

Mastopexy or breast lifting is a surgical procedure to treat drooping breasts through skin resectioning, structuring of underlying breast tissue and repositioning of the areola. Usually some of the breast tissue is removed and, in accordance with the characteristics of the breast, a silicone implant may be used to give better shape. If the breasts consistency allows a mastopexy without an implant, we may use the patients own glandular tissue to fill the upper part of the breast, creating a more harmonious and graceful shape. In some cases, we can structure the breast without removing any breast tissue, removing solely the excess skin, maintaining the same volume, and repositioning the breasts.

 This procedure can be combined with practically any other aesthetic surgical procedure (abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, etc.)





Epidural or General.


Surgery Time



Mild pain. Support bra for 2 months.


10-14 days. Usually with inverted T scars.


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