Cutaneous tumours are very common and the necessity of removing them is related to their potential malignity, aesthetic disharmony and/or the discomfort caused by the lesion. In relation to the risk of malignity, annual monitoring by a dermatologist is advised so that small suspect lesions are identified and treatment indicated. Patients with bigger lesions, in more visible places (such as the face), or who may have an aggressive lesion, are usually referred to a Plastic Surgeon.

Oncologic techniques are applied to remove possibly malign lesions, always respecting the surgical (or safety) margin established for each type and location of lesion. Reconstruction is only carried out after the lesion and its safety margin have been removed. Following the principles of Plastic Surgery, benign lesions are removed so as to obtain the least visible scar possible.



Local, Local with Sedation or General.


Surgery time



Minimal or no pain.


1-3 days. The scar is always as discrete as possible.