The pre- and post-surgical care of Dr. Douglas Westphal is performed in clinics with the most suitable infrastructure for providing the best care and comfort for his patients. The clinics are located in Porto Alegre and Triunfo.

Porto Alegre

R. Padre Chagas, 185/701 Moinhos de Vento | Porto Alegre – RS
+55 (51) 3907-6111
+55 (51) 3907-3111
+55 (51) 9944-2032


In Porto Alegre, Dr. Douglas Westphal provides patient care in one of the key areas of the city, in front of the Iguatemi and Bourbon Country Shopping Centres, so it is easy to get to. The building also has on-site parking.

Exclusivity and sophistication aligned with ethical and personalized care



Rua 25 de Outubro, 368 – Centro – Triunfo/RS
+55 (51) 3654-3426
+55 (51) 8012-3108

triunfo1 triunfo2 triunfo3

In Triunfo, home to one of Brazil´s largest petrochemical companies, Dr. Douglas practices in the Centre of Clinical Health and Well-Being (Centro Clínico Saúde e Bem-Estar with Dr. Amaury Fernandes), the traditional space for healthcare and making a difference in the region. In the same location since 1990, the clinic is renowned for its superior service and its highly capable professionals across a range of expertise. It has clinical physicians, surgeons, dentists, nutritionists, psychologists and massage-therapists.